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Angry Robot Books

I have joined forces with Angry Robot Books to publish my trilogy, The Scorched Continent series!

Not that any of you should be surprised by this. I mean, come on, a publishing house named after robots? Of course I love them. It’s practically one of my prime directives - I mean... rules, yes, human rules, that’s it - to love anything with robots.

Right. As I was saying...

Phil and the team over at Robot HQ have been a treat to work with, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for my debut novel, STEAL THE SKY.

When I set out to write STEAL THE SKY, I wanted to write a book that encompassed the fun of early fantasy adventures while still playing with the modern shift toward grittier stories. To do this, I infused my primary protagonist with a PG Wodehouse-style levity intended to contrast against the brutal backdrop of the world he inhabited. And then I gave him a buddy. Because dark, post-modern fantasy worlds are a little more bearable when you've got a friend around to keep your head on straight. Even if he keeps stealing your hat.

What my agent has to say about it: 
STEAL THE SKY has everything you could possible want in a book – shape-shifters, exploding gas, flying airships, conniving con men, pulpy adventure, and sand. Lots and lots of sand. We have known Megan for a while and were blown away after the first pages of STEAL THE SKY. It’s DUNE meets cyberpunk, or desertpunk as we like to call it. There’s conspiracies galore, wise-cracking tricksters, and adventures to be had in the air under the harsh desert sun.

My publisher's description:
Detan Honding is a conman on the run who thinks he’s got it made when an opportunity arises to steal a gorgeous new airship. Unluckily, the watch-captain whom he thought was in on the plan with him turns out to be an imposter. She’s a wily shape-shifting creature known as a doppel, and she’s wanted for murder.

With the doppel bringing more attention to his schemes than he’d like, Detan considers fleeing the city. But the doppel makes it clear she’ll harm his only friend if he bails on her – and so he’s forced to act. When his attempt to steal the ship backfires, he ends up in the hands of the empire that’s been chasing him, and must use a special power he’s always been afraid of to escape.

STEAL THE SKY is due for release on January 5th, 2016. You can currently find it here: Amazon & Goodreads