As I've been getting used to coding games in Unity, it's occurred to me that I'll eventually need some art that isn't, ya know, the default cubes and spheres and such. To that end, I've been climbing up the steep learning curve that is Blender, a 3D modelling/rendering software that is, shockingly, free. Seriously, ten-year old me who was puttering around in Bryce about a million years ago would have wept tears of joy to have software like this available for free. If you're at all interested in 3D art, I highly suggest testing it out.

My first experiment followed along with a tutorial to create a low-poly landscape, and produced this: Low Poly Mountains by Megan E. O'Keefe


My second go was freestyle and produced this:

Low Poly Hot Air Balloon by Megan E. O'Keefe


I'm now experimenting with character design, and then it will be onward into the depths of rigging for animation. Wish me luck!