April Mid-Month Round-Up: Updates, Inspiration, and a Story Recommendation

My first day at my own WotF event, absorbing knowledge from Tim Powers.
My first day at my own WotF event, absorbing knowledge from Tim Powers.


This has been a month of exhaustion and delight. I had the honor of traveling down to Los Angeles once more to help this year's Writers of the Future winners find their feet. And, I'll be honest with you, these people are amazing. You're going to see some truly fantastic work from them in the future.

Before I left for Writers of the Future, I turned in the Scorched Continent Book Two, Break the Chains, to my agent and editor. By the time I'd returned home I'd learned that both of them loved it, and had some excellent notes to kick off my final round of revisions. I'm working on those revisions now. Break the Chains is due out sometime in October, so it should be available for pre-order soon. It continues the adventures of Detan, Ripka, and Pelkaia, and explores how they've grown and changed since the events of Steal the Sky. I've endeavored to make it mostly stand-alone, so that hapless bookstore browsers can stumble into the series with book two and not lose their footing.


Where do I even begin cataloging this month's inspiration? The Writes of the Future workshop week was an intense experience, even as a returning winner, but it is so full of love and passion that it was absolutely spring-loaded with inspiration. If there's one thing I came away with from that week it was that, despite all of genre's kerfuffles, we're all here because we love the stories - and the imaginations - that make up our community.

A Story Recommendation

I'm going to be a bit cheeky here and recommend a story I've recommended before. This story was one of my favorites from 2015, and alas didn't make it onto any awards shortlists. Awards are all fine and dandy, but readers are what writers need - so if you haven't yet, please spare a few moments and check out: This Wanderer, in the Dark of the Year by Kris Millering.

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