Drinks With Characters: Josh Vogt is Drinking With the Cleaners

Today I'm hosting the wonderful Josh Vogt, author of The Cleaners, Enter the Janitor, and all around awesome person. I do not, however, suggest trying any of this drinks. Well, maybe the water's safe. Maybe.

Fantastic to join you on ye ol’ blog of drink-swappage. Let me jump in with a quick drink recipe beloved by one of the main characters from Enter the Janitor, the first in my urban fantasy series, The Cleaners. Danielle Hashelheim (aka Dani) has a particular cocktail she loves to swig on a regular basis these days.

The recipe:

  • 1 – 6 oz. bottle hand sanitizer
  • Personal note from Dani: “No, really. It’s quite refreshing. Just don’t sneeze while gargling.”
  •  Note from me: “Never try this at home, kids.”

I suppose she deserves an explanation. See, Dani’s a germophobe. She’s had issues with dirt and germs and all things icky ever since she can remember, and has developed numerous coping mechanisms to keep the filthy world at bay. She’s always carried bottles of hand sanitizer to combat immediate exposure, though really bad situations require a several-hour-long decontamination process.

She didn’t used to actually drink the stuff, knowing how harmful it could be. But ever since she joined the Cleaners—a supernatural sanitation company—she’s received a few nice employee perks including magical protection against the harmful properties of cleaning chemicals and supplies.

Bonus drinks round!

Janitor Ben: The cheapest beer on tap. Dani’s janitorial mentor doesn’t care about the quality. He just wants something to relax with after a long day scrubbing toilets and turning muck monsters into inanimate piles of goop.

Carl: Water. Ben’s partner is a water elemental, after all. While cooped up in a spray bottle much of the time, he always enjoys a dip in the nearest puddle.

Sydney: “Life is meaningless. Drinks are meaningless.”

Okay then. We’ll stop there.


Enter the Janitor: A janitor working for a supernatural sanitation company must track down a fledgling demigod before it’s corrupted or destroyed, all while training a rebellious new employee whose fluctuating power could trash an entire city.

The Maids of Wrath (2016): When a couple maids wielding feather dusters fly into bloodthirsty rages, it’s up to the Cleaners to uncover the Corruption within their own ranks, or risk getting their whole company flushed down the drain.

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