June Mid-Month Round-Up: Updates, Inspiration, and a Story Recommendation


I have seen a glimpse of what the cover for STEAL THE SKY will hold, and it's fantastic! I can't wait to share it with everyone. Book two has crossed the 60k mark - as you can see in the sidebar - but progress has slowed slightly as I polish up STEAL THE SKY one more time before sending it to my editor. Expect a flurry of new words for book two in July!


I've been having some fun exploring different iterations of mythical creatures (and completely new ones!) that fall outside of the usual realm of DnD-esque beasts. A collection of the images I've gathered can be found here: Fantasy Creatures. I'd love to use this guy in a story some day.

A Story Recommendation

This Wanderer, in the Dark of the Year by Kris Millering. Beautiful and evocative - an excellent use of fragrance in narrative.

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