April Mid-Month Round-Up: Updates, Inspiration, and a Story Recommendation

A bit of technology from 1921. Spotted at the mineral museum in Florence, Italy.
A bit of technology from 1921. Spotted at the mineral museum in Florence, Italy.


My debut novel, STEAL THE SKY, is set to be published by Angry Robot Books on Jan. 5th, YAY! They've purchased two more books from me in the Scorched Continent series, making it a trilogy. You can read more about it here, pre-order it here, and add it to your Goodreads here.

Book Two in the Scorched series is well on its way, with a complete outline in place and currently at about 30k words in the rough draft. I'll be putting a progress bar up for that soon. I know what it's like to have to wait for a series I love to reach its conclusion, so I'm going to be completely transparent about the status and process involved with the next two books.


I've been really inspired by quite a lot of game art recently. Not only is it richly atmospheric, but I've noticed a trend with indiedevs in fantasy games recently that's leading away from traditional fantasy land. There's a lot of varied settings out there now, with stories to match, and they're growing more varied every day. I've also been entranced by just how much information and mood can be conveyed by some of the more masterful works of pixel art. It's a strong reminder that you can't go wrong focusing on the basics.

Two weeks ago I went to an incredible lecture about ancient technology by Richard Carrier (more on this later) at the Chabot Science Center, and that's stuffed my head full of ideas for many more stories yet to come.

A Story Recommendation

Yuca and Dominoes by José Iriarte. It's a beautiful, bittersweet story about leaving home.

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