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Android's Astrological Companion
Android's Astrological Companion


When Sheatiel Sarao and Cody Vrosh of Binary Winter Press approached me with their idea for a meld of the zodiac, androids, art, and stories, I was hooked.

They presented me with a collection of beautiful art-in-progress to choose from and told me I could pick two pieces to write stories for. Two. It was a cruel reckoning, but somehow I whittled my choices down to Gemini and Pisces.




I will still write about you one day, oh unicorn-headed Virgo. You are not forgotten.




As a writer, sometimes certain ideas come along that act as germinating ground for a host of other ideas - and for me, this was one of those moments. Meshing future tech with the ancient lore of the zodiac was not only a unique challenge, but a wonderful opportunity to explore just how stories can affect the way we think about ourselves as individuals.

I wondered - what sort of stories would androids tell themselves in the dark? What mysteries of identity, loss, and moral grounding would appeal to our synthesized counterparts?

What goes bump in the night for androids, and what gives them a sense of hope and adventure?

You’re just going to have to read and find out.

As of this posting, The Android’s Astrological Companion has fully funded on Kickstarter, but there is still $800 and four days left to go to reach the final stretch goal - an adorable Zodiac of Teeth. Seriously, look at those little guys. Aren’t they the cutest?

Zodiac of Teeth
Zodiac of Teeth

You can read interviews with Cody and Sheatiel about the project here:

The Daily Dot


Don't Forget a Towel

Tea by Raheel Shahid http://www.flickr.com/photos/raheelshahid/
Photo by Raheel Shahid

Here are some sites I use/have used to help me build my craft. Feel free to leave your own suggested sites in the comments.

Free Writing Resources


Writing Excuses
15 Minutes of delving into various topics related to genre fiction. Always ends with a writing prompt.

Hide and Create
30 Minute discussion of various aspects of genre fiction.

Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips
6 Minutes-ish addressing specific aspects of grammar, not genre focused.

Stuff You Should Know
45-60 Minutes of interesting bits of reality. Good for research and idea-sparking.

Youtube Channels:

Write About Dragons
Brandon Sanderson's lectures on creative writing at BYU.

Geek and Sundry--The Storyboard [currently on hiatus]
Patrick Rothfuss hosts discussions about writing.

Extra Credits
This is a show about game development, but many of their topics are equally applicable to creative endeavors of any kind.

Assorted Websites:

Helps you proofread your own work

Pretty much everything you wanted to know about markets

Submission Grinder
A place to keep track of your submission history

David Farland's Daily Kick in the Pants
He kicks you in the pants. You're going to like it.


A great place to chat about fantasy

A great place to chat about writing fantasy

Research abounds

Even more research

Writers of the Future Forum
Full of dedicated aspiring writers

Neo-pro writers and beyond. (has qualification requirements, please check to make sure you're eligible before applying)