Drinks With Characters: Nancy Fulda is Drinking With Owls

Today I welcome Hugo and Nebula-nominated Nancy Fulda, aka Sherrida Pope, to the blog. She's got an adorable new chapter book out just in time for Halloween, An Owl Goes Trick-or-Treating, and she's popped by to share a little with us about what her owls drink.

An Owl Goes Trick-or-TreatingThank you, Megan. I’m thrilled to be here!

So, I’m Sherrida Pope. And I’m Nancy Fulda. It’s a long and complicated story, but basically, Nancy Fulda writes hard science fiction and philosophical secondary-world stories for adults, while Sherrida Pope writes happy adventure stories for children. They both live in my head and yes, it gets crowded sometimes.

In any case, my children and my id recently ganged up to convince me to write a Halloween Chapter Book for early readers. It’s about a little owl named Arthur who can’t manage to put together a costume for Halloween. He ends up in all kinds of trouble, mostly due to the ill-mannered boy who lives nearby, but an unexpected friend helps make his dream a reality.

Arthur’s story is short, sweet, and full of cute little illustrations. And it’s really inexpensive in e-book format.

Here’s what the characters like the drink:

Arthur the owl: Arthur likes berry flavors. If someone were to hand him one, he’d probably love a strawberry/banana smoothie from Jamba Juice.

Genevieve the cat: Cream. With a dash of caramel.

Lisa McConway: Orange Fanta? Lisa’s big on anything that comes with sugar or sparklies, and most carbonated drinks would suit her fine.

Donavan McConway: Don is definitely not old enough to drink alcohol, but he’d sure like to try.

William: Ginger ale. Except when he’s drinking hot chocolate with Cool Whip on top.

Thanks again for inviting me over, Megan. For those who would like to meet Arthur, Genevieve, and their humans in more detail, you can find their story in paperback | nook | kindle | itunes and kobo format.

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