Drinks With Characters: Debra Jess is Drinking With Superheroes

Today I welcome Debra Jess, author of BLOOD SURFER, and all around awesome person, to share a little about what her characters prefer to quaff. Her fiction has won her the Golden Pen Award, and she's a graduate of Viable Paradise. This coming weekend she'll be haunting the halls of NecronomiCon, so if you happen to spot her, why don't you buy her a drink?

Blood Surfer by Debra Jess

Thanks for inviting me onto your blog, Megan. Blood Surfer is a fast-paced action-adventure superhero story with a heavy dash of romance. My hero and heroine are on the run from the law in  Star Haven, where people with superpowers (called  alternative humans) are banned. They're trying to get to Thunder City where "Alts" are welcomed. They quickly discover that getting out of Star Haven alive is only half the battle.

When my superheroes aren't saving the world, though, I do let them sit back and enjoy a good meal with a satisfying drink at their elbow. So what do my superheroes drink when they're not on duty?

Hannah Quinn (Blood Surfer) - Hannah's not old enough to drink alcohol, but she loves anything that's strawberry-flavored: ice tea, smoothies, or lemonade make her day.

Scott Grey - Scott's a police officer and partial to beer. When he lived in Star Haven, he'd drink the local micro-brews while cheering on the Star Haven Sabers at sporting events.

Catherine Blackwood (Captain Spectacular) - White wine, preferably, but if she's annoyed, she might indulge in a Manhattan. Of course, she never drinks and flies - well, except that once, but seriously, who's going to tell the strongest, most powerful person on the planet she's had a little too much to drink?

Thomas Carraro (Hack-Man) - Brandy at home, always. When out with his wife (Catherine Blackwood), he'll get a martini, shaken not stirred (you can find out why in another interview I did for Dawn Bonanno)

Nikolaos Blackwood (Ghost) - Nik's father (Demitrios Economopoulos - Spook)  introduced Nik to ouzo when he was a teenager much to his mother's consternation. Catherine Blackwood banned the drink from the house after Nik phased into the fireplace and refused to come out.

Evangelos Blackwood (Rumble) - Irish coffee, because with Nik drinking ouzo someone has to stick up for the Irish side of the family. He claims it helps him focus when he's aiming a lightning bolt at the bad guys.

Alekos Blackwood (Roar) - Energy drinks while he's gaming. If he's out on the town, he'll stick to vodka and cranberry, but he'd rather be gaming when he's not brewing up some thunder and lightning with his twin brother over Thunder City.

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