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The official cover reveal is up over at the Barnes & Noble blog, where you can see the gorgeous art of Kim Sokol in all its glory plus a handful of sketches and comments about what it took to get the cover made.

Apart from just being an awesome piece of art, seeing Steal the Sky's cover has made the experience feel more real to me (look! that's my name! on a BOOK!) and I'm seriously excited for the release in January.

Sneak peek below, check out the blog post above to see it full size!

Steal the Sky

Another Range of Mountains
Another Range of Mountains


The cover for STEAL THE SKY is finished! And it's gorgeous, but I can't show you yet - I know, I know, it's not fair to tease. But it will be released soon, I promise. In the meantime, I'm polishing up STEAL using my editor's notes, and expect to turn that in by the 1st of Oct. While I'm editing, Book 2 is resting, and my Writers of the Future winning story, Another Range of Mountains is up for free over on Wattpad.


This month has been my final push-month to get my soap business, Blushie, geared up for the Holiday season.  As such, the vast majority of my inspiration has been of the smelly variety. Look for Old Books, The Librarian, and Pirate Queen scents coming soon!

A Story Recommendation

The Algebra of Events by Elizabeth Bourne. Aliens, love, and communication. To say anything  more would be to spoil it. (skews a bit dark, for those sensitive to that type of thing)