Book Two’s Draft is Complete! Onward!

I've just wrapped up the rough draft for Steal the Sky's sequel and am currently diving into edits. This is a more nebulous process than a straight wordcount bar can provide for in regards to tracking progress, so I'll just go ahead and breakdown my revision method here.

  1. First debug pass, using notes I made in a separate doc while writing.
  2. Reread from start to finish, making notes in a new debug log as I go.
  3. Use notes to implement any structural changes and plot/character edits.
  4. My first readers get a crack at it.
  5. Drink.
  6. One more edit pass.
  7. Ignore it for a week.
  8. Reread - is it broken?
  9. If yes: drink, then revise.
  10. If no: send to agent.
  11. Drink anyway.

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