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Ardbeg Galileo - Space Scotch!
Ardbeg Galileo - Space Scotch!


The sequel to STEAL THE SKY is trucking along nicely, just crossing the 50k mark. You can keep an eye on my drafting progress using the little progress bar in the right hand menu. STEAL THE SKY has also been featured on its first ever Goodreads list, hurrah!


Documentaries are always a great source of inspiration for me, and I've been really enjoying BBC 2's series wherein they have a group of historians re-enact what life would be like during particular time periods. Life on an Edwardian Farm was particularly good, as was Victorian Pharmacy and Secrets of the Castle.

I also had the pleasure of attending a Scotch tasting here at the always awesome Borderlands SF bookstore, hosted by Mary Robinette Kowal. What could be more inspiring than Scotch that has been to space?

A Story Recommendation

Out of the Rose Hills by Marissa Lingen. A lovely little twist on fairy tales.

As a reader, one of the things that can really bug me is delving into a new series without knowing when the next books are going to come out. Especially if that wait starts to feel stalled. In an effort to keep my awesome readers in the loop about my own work, and when they can expect it, I've put up a progress bar in the right hand menu. I plan to update it whenever there are updates to be had - and if technology is on my side it should go from lemony yellow to bright, juicy green once the project is complete. I've started off with a progress bar for the draft of The Scorched Continent Book Two.

It currently looks like this:

Scorched Continent Book Two 1st Draft

And I plan on adding more for each new project that gets announced. Stay tuned!