March Mid-Month Round-Up: Updates, Inspiration, and a Story Recommendation

March Mid-Month Round-Up
A bench at Heather Farms park in Walnut Creek, California.


My book plan for book two of The Scorched Continent Series is coming along nicely. The outline is firmed up, and I'm just about to begin digging into the draft. Corollary to this, I've been adding pretty pictures to my Scorched Continent pinterest as the visual fuel keeps me inspired and my mindset immersed in-world.

Random cool thing: I've discovered I have my own listing on the Internet Speculative Fiction Database.

I've begun the Writing Guides series with a closer look at fragrance-related cliches, and have more posts in the Worldbuilding series forthcoming.

My short story, Of Blood and Brine, which went live in January at Shimmer has received a recommended review from Lois Tilton!


As usual, I've been adding evocative images to my Story Inspiration board over on pinterest. But this month it's research into the Belle Époque that has really captured my interest - so much so that it inspired its own board. A short story is in the works based on the mood of this lovely era, and of course it's loaded with perfume-related-goodness.

If you're looking for some fresh inspiration, The British Library has a photostream that is full of interesting images. Or how about this list of legendary creatures by type?

A Story Recommendation

Sugar Showpiece Universe by Caroline M. Yoachim is a great little flash story about an intergalactic pastry competition.

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